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***"Kelly went above and beyond the call of duty in several ways to help us sell our house!" ~ Michelle & Stan M.

***"Kelly was an amazing agent. I would recommend her to anyone that needed an agent. And I do plan on using her when the time comes and we decide to sell
our home. Kelly is GREAT!" ~ Rachel & Troy B.

***" Kelly was wonderful to work with. We were referred to her by a couple of family members who had also used her services & were satisfied with her results. She was very receptive to our questions & concerns plus she made herself readily available which was reassuring to us that we mattered to her.
She's not only an agent she's a friend." ~ Jeni & David B.

***"Kelly is a wonderful real estate agent. My wife and I highly recommend her." ~ Scott & Jenipher R.

***"Kelly does amazing work. She really takes the time to ensure she shows you everything that may be of interest to you. Once you think you have found the right home she does an amazing job of getting you the best deal possible and ensures that every single detail is taken care of. I can't say enough great things
about our experience working with Kelly. She is a model agent and others should strive to make the impact that she does." ~ Erin & Jeff H.

***Kelly was a delight to work with. She met all of my expectations and more. She was very personable and professional. Kelly was very easy to work with and made my selling transaction a breeze. I would recommend Kelly to anyone who needs a Realtor that will get the job done. It was a pleasure working with her. ~ Jim C.

***We hired Kelly as our real estate agent when selling our home. She was wonderful to work with, and our house sold in only 10 days! She is a true advocate for her clients and made the selling process go as smoothly as possible. I would definitely recommend her when either selling or buying. ~ Danielle N.

***We hired Kelly to sell our home and she delivered! Sold our home in 10 days while keeping the price where we wanted it. She's been incredibly helpful every step of the way and is always available over email and phone for those quick answers to my many questions! She's a total pro. ~ Ryan N.

***Kelly was very well informed and a lot of fun to work with. We would definitely use her services in the future. ~ Ryan & Jenny H.

***Kelly went above and beyond the call of duty. We worked with an agent before Kelly and it was like night and day. Kelly takes the extra steps needed for such a tough economy. I don't think we could put into words how much we appreciate everything that she has done for us! You have a wonderful agent representing your office!! Kelly will always be highly recommended. ~ Jenny & Mark O.

***Kelly was wonderful & was there for me every step of the way...despite the snags we encountered from the buyer's agent. She was extremely professional with him even when he was horrible to deal with. She was straightforward in getting the house listed, pricing, everything!!! Even after the end of the transaction, she was there for me. Thank you Kelly!!! ~ Robin B.

***Excellent service provided by Kelly, she has my recommendation. ~ Carlos P.

***Kelly is a very pleasant person to work with and very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend her to others. ~ Adriana J.

***Kelly is most professional, and has the gift of excellent interpersonal skills! We felt like we've known her for years and felt a real connection to her
during what could be a real challenge to her patience. Jim and I had a fairly narrow list of acceptables, and Kelly always made us feel as if we were NOT running her ragged. If Kelly needs to be adopted by outside-the-family people, she is welcomed at our cavernous house anytime! ~ Mary & Jim M.

***Kelly was fantastic! Should the day come when Tina & I return to Indy, Kelly will be the one we call to help us find our home! Thanks to Kelly for her hard work in getting our house sold! ~ Kurtis & Tina S.

***Kelly is AWESOME. True professional. I would definitely recommend her to colleagues and friends. ~ Mike L.

***Kelly was very patient and steadfast in the pursuit of selling my property. This is what can only be described as a "Buyer's Market". Additionally I had already relocated to my new home in another state. I highly recommend Kelly. ~ Forrest S.

***I would recommed our realtor to anyone that is young and interested in buying a house. It wasn't the company that was great, it was Kelly herself who was great and it just made the company she worked for look good during her work for us. ~ Tyler C.

***Kelly was awesome!!! ~ Krystal H.

***I just loved Kelly. She was informative and helpful during the entire house-buying process. Working with Kelly was like working with a great business partner and a great friend at the same time." Colleen F.

***"Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give feedback on Kelly. She was absolutely WONDERFUL and we are so grateful to her for all of her help. We will recommend her to all of our friends and family. We love our new home." ~ Dustin, Amanda, & Madison C. :)

***"Kelly was the greatest, I would use again and recommend her to everyone. My experience with the agent in Ohio was terrible. I only wish Kelly could have helped us in Ohio also." ~ Troy Z.

***"Our agent was great to work with and did an excellent job with selling our house. The last leg of the transaction was a bit complicated and she stepped up big time for both seller and buyer, since their broker was not very involved. If they knew all the work she did for them, they would be thanking her." ~ Monica G.

***"Kelly was again a pleasure to work with. If needed, I will use her again." ~ Jane B. and Stacia H.

***"Kelly went above and beyond my expectations for a Realtor. Every question or concern that I had about my property, she was prompt in answering all my questions. I think Kelly is an excellent representative of Century 21." ~ April G.

***"Kelly was very professional, easy to talk to and work with, and industrious. We selected her due to follow-up she did on another property, which was my parents'. We liked the idea that she did a lot of advertising on the Internet. Century 21 is very lucky to have Kelly on their team." ~ Sherrie G.

***"Thanks for all your help, Kelly. You made buying a house fairly easy on us, that's for sure. When we hear someone is buying, you will be our only recommendation. Thanks again." ~ Dave M.

***"Kelly was extremely helpful and did a great job explaining all aspects of the process." ~ Amber M.


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